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Friend Wolf RP

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Friend Wolf RP

Post  Chip on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:02 pm

You can RP any wolf you'd like here, no bio required. *This is a separate RP, and isn't connected to our pack's RP!* The terrain is similar to Thunder Coast Pack land, but is in a separate little 'world'. Anything can happen here, but use your common sense. No god-modding, or too unrealistic abilities (unless your wolf happens to be dreaming). No inappropriate language or subjects. Have fun guys! Smile

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Wolf Info
Name: Chip
Age: 4 Years
Personality: Chip is fairly easy going, and doesn't often face adversaries head on. Don't be fooled though, blood has been shed in the past. She also has a grumpy, don't-bug-me-or-I'll-rip-off-your-head-like-Hercules mood. She's determined, though she can be insensitive at times, but rest assured, she means well.

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